Ebay to Shopify Data Extractor / Scraper

eBay Extractor / Scraper
Java desktop application using Google Chrome to extract eBay item data.

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Completion date: February 2015.

In this project, we wrote a Java desktop application to control Google Chrome and extract item data from eBay. Through this method we achieved 100% accuracy.

The “Search URL” input will take a list of eBay search URLs. Clicking on the “Get Item Numbers” button will scrape each search URL and its next results pages, then add the item numbers found to the next input box.

You can add, edit or remove any item numbers in this box. You can even use it without scraping a search page first.

Finally, selecting an output file and clicking on the “Extract” button will extract data from each item page and populate a file in CSV format suitable for Shopify import.

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