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My name is Sergio and I specialize in providing quality custom software solutions while offering competitive costs and timing. My Freelancer track record, along with positive feedback from clients I’ve served, are proof that my qualifications and strong commitment to excellence make me an ideal choice for your next project.

I have been working at Freelancer since 2005 and currently I lead a team of programmers and designers from Spain and other places in the world. For managing projects I use agile software development methodologies (Scrum, XP…), which I consider the most efficient way to manage a project via the internet. I also consider myself a knowledgeable and efficient programmer, so I can evaluate team members’ performance and help guide them.

In the last years I have learned a lot about how to make a project successful when working with people who lives thousands of miles away and I consider the new Freelancer project management  feature a great opportunity to develop professionally and offer new and more complete services.

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