Agile management project: Python / wxPython based realistic test data generator for databases (III): selecting developers

Note: this post was previewed and approved by the customer.

In order to post a bid on behalf of the employer in vWorker (adquired by Freelancer on November 2012), he must give me subaccount permissions in his control panel. This is pretty straightforward, and the employer has control over the permissions I will have in his account. To do this, the employer needs to log in to vWorker, go to My account → My subaccounts, click on Add new sub-account and then follow the instructions there.

Once this is done, I can log in to the employer’s subaccount. I use several browsers, one with my main account and others with different subaccounts, so I don’t need to switch the account constantly.

Now it’s time to post a new project by clicking on the Post a new project link at the top left of the page. It’s important to be clear and concise about what you need. On freelance sites like vWorker, a developer needs to place a lot of bids to win a single project, so it’s better to write a small specification on the bid page, and put a full specification in an attachment. Here is a screenshot of the new project page:

vWorker New Project Page
Full page screenshot of the vWorker new project page. Click to enlarge.

From four interested candidates, we selected two developers who were in a nearby timezone, communicated well, offered us a reasonable price, and had demonstrable experience with wxPython development.

We started with a small test (fixing a minor bug) using pay for deliverables. In this way the developer has a good idea of what the work will involve and we can know more about his work before starting the bulk of the project. These tests were successful, so we switched to pay for time, as we consider it better suited to agile development than pay for deliverables.


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