vWorker invites me to the new Tech Sherpa program

The vWorker.com site logo
vWorker logo

…and this is really great as they just invited 4 people for this new feature. So, what is a Tech Sherpa? From the vWorker latest news blog:

A Tech Sherpa™ is a cross-discipline expert with years of success both “climbing” (doing technical work) as well as “guiding” (managing others who do that work). A Tech Sherpa™ can take over some or all aspects of managing your project, and free you to focus on more productive things. Prices range from $25-$95/hour, depending on their skills and location in the world.

So if you want somebody to manage your project, including writing specs, hiring people, managing them, and testing the work, now vWorker offers you everything of these plus a employer triple-point money-back guarantee and a workforce of more than 300.000 skilled people. You can create an account (completely free) here. And if you want to create a project just for me, just click here.

You can learn more about what a Tech Sherpa is and the new project management feature in the vWorker site.

Update December 1, 2012. Freelancer.com acquired vWorker on October 19, 2012. So if you want to contact me, click on this link.


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